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Sim­i­lar in de­sign to Draper’s gauge, but with the added bonus of a torch, back­light and a tyre tread depth gauge, al­though the lat­ter was quite stiff and awk­ward to op­er­ate, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult to ob­tain an ac­cu­rate read­ing if a tyre was close to the UK le­gal limit of 1.6mm. The at­tach­ment that fits over the Schrader valve is man­u­fac­tured from plas­tic or a sim­i­lar com­pos­ite and was oc­ca­sion­ally awk­ward to cor­rectly lo­cate, es­pe­cially if a tyre valve was dam­aged.

With a cou­ple of small but­tons to op­er­ate the light, switch the gauge on and off, and tog­gle be­tween the dif­fer­ent mea­sure­ment scales, we needed our read­ing glasses to iden­tify the sym­bols on them, but could guess by sim­ply press­ing them. A larger but­ton in the cen­tre of the gauge is a use­ful bleed valve, al­low­ing air to be let out of a tyre if it has been over-in­flated, while still mon­i­tor­ing its pres­sure on the read­out (not ex­plained in the in­struc­tions). The two CR2032 bat­ter­ies that power this gauge are quite fid­dly to ex­tract by hand, but eas­ier with a small screw­driver. How­ever, we did dis­cover they should spring out when the cover is off and they were in­deed launched into the air!

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