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No, not the MG6. The Mazda6. Given the on­go­ing de­mon­is­ing of diesel fol­low­ing the govern­ment U-turn, the pub­lic is quite sen­si­bly ques­tion­ing the right fuel for their mo­tor­ing. Note that I said ‘ques­tion­ing’, not ‘turn­ing their back on’. Be­cause we’ve had diesel rammed down our throat for years now, find­ing good petrol stock to sat­isfy de­mand is very dif­fi­cult. The afore­men­tioned MG6 was lam­pooned for launch­ing as ‘petrol only’. Still, that’s not a rec­om­men­da­tion to rush out and buy one.

At a re­cent auc­tion, I watched a 2015 Mazda6 SE-1 Nav sa­loon with 23,000 miles make a very strong £9900. It was ex-mota­bil­ity, which is pretty much the norm when look­ing for such cars, be­cause only those who qual­i­fied for free road tax could stom­ach the duty when diesel was the fu­ture.

Now, it’s all change and, in my opin­ion, Mazda is the new Honda in of­fer­ing dis­creetly stylish sa­loons with ter­rific petrol en­gines. There were two Maz­da6s in this sale and both at­tracted strong bid­ding from within the hall and on­line. Noth­ing else that day did.

The three Mazda deal­ers I use to price parts are all fam­ily-run, so they of­fer old-school ser­vice, which is a re­fresh­ing change from the in­creas­ingly cor­po­rate cul­ture of the na­tional fran­chises run for the share­hold­ers.

‘Mazda is the new Honda, in my opin­ion’

Which brings us back to MG. The Chi­nese re­launch has been less than suc­cess­ful. Deal­ers are all back­street af­fairs – more BL than Big Dealer Group. How­ever, a friend of mine in the trade has owned and run two now. And you know what? Both have been fault­less.

So, if you can’t stretch to a petrol Mazda and feel like a gam­ble, then maybe you could look at the MG6? One thing’s for sure, you wouldn’t be short of a so­cial life be­cause there seems to be an MG own­ers’ club in ev­ery town.

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