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The 1.8 turbo petrol en­gine is based on the Rover K-se­ries, which was no­to­ri­ous for head gas­ket fail­ure, es­pe­cially in its largest 1.8-litre ca­pac­ity. Nat­u­rally, this is a con­cern for po­ten­tial MG6 buy­ers and is quite of­ten the first thing they check, even though the re­de­vel­oped unit has no ev­i­dence of the head gas­ket be­ing weak at all. Re­port­edly, it was the first el­e­ment of the en­gine that MG’S engi­neers at­tended to dur­ing the pre-launch phase to en­sure there would be no re­peat of the bad pub­lic­ity that af­fected the oth­er­wise ex­cel­lent K-se­ries.

Ev­ery­thing else about the unit re­lates to the good things about Rover’s orig­i­nal K: strong per­for­mance for its size and ex­cel­lent low-down power de­liv­ery. To be hon­est, the unit is a bit loud and rau­cous, es­pe­cially at cruis­ing speeds. It’s punchy and lively, but it lacks re­fine­ment. The only known prob­lem ap­pears to be oc­ca­sional hot-start is­sues, caused by a bad read­ing from the crank po­si­tion sen­sor; this is of­ten cured by re­mov­ing the sen­sor and clean­ing the con­nec­tions.

Diesel mod­els have proven pretty re­li­able, though they’re largely too young or low-mileage to have thrown up any ma­jor dual mass fly­wheel, clutch or DPF is­sues. As with any modern diesel, we’d ex­er­cise cau­tion in re­spect to all of th­ese and check for poor run­ning, an un­even idle or a light metal­lic ‘tick­ing’ noise when the clutch is dis­en­gaged, which could point to a fu­ture fly­wheel is­sue.

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