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Choos­ing a part-worn tyre is a bit dif­fer­ent to buy­ing a new one. With new rub­ber, you nor­mally drop your car at the tyre bay, let the sales as­sis­tant know what type, size and price of tyre you re­quire, then sit back with a cuppa while the fit­ters go about their busi­ness.

Buy­ing a part-worn tyre re­quires a bit more in­ter­ac­tion. You should in­spect what you’re about to buy care­fully be­fore part­ing with your cash, and any tyre ven­dor worth their salt will be more than happy for you to in­spect their stock at close quar­ters. If they’re not happy for you to do so, you don’t want it on your car.

When in­spect­ing the tyre, check the tread wear is even and look very closely at the tread it­self for signs of plugs where a punc­ture has been re­paired. While the sale of punc­ture-re­paired tyres is le­gal, they’re not some­thing we’d rec­om­mend buy­ing.

Also, ev­ery tyre has a date-mark on the side con­sist­ing of four num­bers, which in­di­cate the week and year in which the tyre was made. For ex­am­ple, ‘2216’ means the tyre was made in the 22nd week of 2016. Rub­ber per­ishes as it ages, so don’t en­ter­tain buy­ing any­thing more than four years old, and walk away if the date stamp ap­pears to have been rubbed away.

You should also check that the tyre has the cor­rect ‘PART-WORN’ mark­ing on it, or that the ven­dor stamps the tyre as such when they fit it.

Look very care­fully at the side­wall for signs of cuts, bulges or other dam­age. If the tyre is sound, ask the fit­ter to fit and bal­ance it, watch­ing care­fully as they do so, to en­sure they use the cor­rect bead of sealant and bal­anc­ing ma­chine.

We’d also rec­om­mend that you choose part-worn tyres based on brand rather than price. A part-worn bud­get tyre is a worse choice than a new bud­get tyre, whereas a part-worn high-qual­ity tyre could be a bet­ter choice than a new bud­get one.

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