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Re­gard­ing the Ford Fo­cus in­di­ca­tor fault dis­cussed in Help!

(CM, May 2018), this seems very sim­i­lar to a prob­lem I had with both the left- and right-hand in­di­ca­tors in my 2006 Fo­cus within about a year of each other. The cause was the same on both sides: the pos­i­tive con­tact in the bulb holder had lost ten­sion over the years, so it was no longer mak­ing con­tact with the bulb. In both cases, with the bulb re­moved, I sim­ply tweaked the con­tact slightly to­wards the bulb, which re­stored power and I have had no prob­lems since then.

As this hap­pened on both my rear in­di­ca­tors, I’m as­sum­ing it’s a com­mon fault – un­less I’ve been par­tic­u­larly un­lucky!

Mick Smith

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