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Q An ad­vi­sory on the MOT for my wife’s Ford Fo­cus 2001 1800cc petrol hatch­back says the two rear lower con­trol arms will need re­plac­ing soon. I have tried to re­move one of the arms, but the two bolts hold­ing it are seized on and will not budge. I have been spray­ing them with WD40, but this does not seem to be mak­ing any dif­fer­ence. Pete Mun­day

A I have come across th­ese bolts on the Ford rear sus­pen­sion my­self and cer­tainly know of your plight. Strangely enough, the very sim­i­lar sus­pen­sion set-up found on the rear of the Mazda ver­sion of your wife’s ve­hi­cle does not suf­fer from this prob­lem, in my ex­pe­ri­ence.

WD40 is good, but for ex­treme cases of cor­ro­sion I would try us­ing Plus­gas. Au­toses­sive can also sup­ply an ex­cel­lent re­lease agent man­u­fac­tured by Comma:­vsve

If you have ac­cess to an air­saw, you could try sim­ply cut­ting through the bolts at the in­ner edge of the arm and re­plac­ing them with new. Al­ter­nately, you could grind off the head of the bolt, then at­tempt to draw it out by tight­en­ing up the lock­ing nut.

As this is only an ad­vi­sory, you do have time on your side, so hope­fully us­ing a re­lease agent over a pe­riod of time prior to car­ry­ing out the job may be enough to free the bolts.

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