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Q I have to re­place the heater con­trol panel on my Ford Puma – it’s the one with the air­con and cigar lighter on it. I have un­done all the plugs, but I can’t fig­ure out how to get the ca­ble off the dial that changes where you want the air to go – it has two cogs on the back and the ca­ble seems to go up in­side the cogs. I can dis­con­nect it from the other end, but I still need to get it off to put on the re­place­ment panel. Steve Cloke Q The air dis­tri­bu­tion shaft should un­clip from the unit in the area marked with a red cir­cle. If you are just re­mov­ing the heater/air-con­di­tion­ing mod­ule and the fan op­er­at­ing switch, this can be changed by un­do­ing the three screws marked with the blue ar­rows.

As you have al­ready re­placed the heater con­trol tap, the prob­lem is most likely con­nected to the mod­ule.

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