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I have a 1993 Toy­ota Soarer 4.0 V8 with en­gine code IUZFE. The en­gine starts and runs OK but, once switched off, it will not restart im­me­di­ately. I have checked and there is no spark. How­ever, if I leave it for some time, it will then start. I have not been able to re­trieve any fault codes. G Peachey The Soarer was built for the Ja­panese mar­ket and the IUZ-FE en­gine can also be found in the Lexus LS 400. The ig­ni­tion sys­tem is Denso PK 20 R and uses crank­shaft and camshaft sen­sors to con­trol the ig­ni­tion tim­ing. As the Soarer was never avail­able in the UK, I have only lim­ited de­tails as to which di­ag­nos­tic link is fit­ted.

You may have a round or ob­long con­nec­tor in the ve­hi­cle. Both con­nec­tors will have a ter­mi­nal marked ‘E1’ and ‘TE1’. By bridg­ing th­ese ter­mi­nals, the mal­func­tion in­di­ca­tor lamp should flash out any trou­ble codes. If there are no codes in the sys­tem, then the light will flash steadily twice per sec­ond. If trou­ble codes are present they will be flashed out as fol­lows: the first digit will be flashed at ½-sec­ond in­ter­vals, fol­lowed by a 1½-sec­ond pause; the sec­ond digit will then be flashed out. If an­other code is present, this will be flashed out af­ter a 4½-sec­ond pause.

As the fail­ure to start is de­pen­dent on tem­per­a­ture, I sus­pect that ei­ther one of the camshaft sen­sors or the crank­shaft sen­sor is at fault, fail­ing when hot. It may be pos­si­ble to test the sen­sors us­ing an ohm­me­ter, but this would need them to be at the cor­rect tem­per­a­ture for the fail­ure to oc­cur. The code for the camshaft sen­sor is ‘12’ or ‘13’ and the code for the crank­shaft sen­sor is ‘43’.

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