Bumpy brakes

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The owner of this 2010 Ford Gal­axy had been un­happy with the feel of her brakes ever since her fam­ily had re­turned from hol­i­day. Think­ing that the sit­u­a­tion might im­prove, she had left it for a while. With no improve­ment, she de­cided it was time to see if we could re­solve the prob­lem.

Tak­ing the Ford for a quick test-drive, we re­alised the prob­lem wasn’t the usual brake jud­der from worn front brake discs, but more of a lumpi­ness.

Check­ing out the rear brakes, we dis­cov­ered that both were dis­play­ing marks where the pads had been sit­ting while the owner was away. This is a com­mon sce­nario with cars left stand­ing for a while. What can hap­pen af­ter a long drive, when the brake discs are hot, is that the brake pads lock tightly in po­si­tion on the hot discs when the hand­brake is ap­plied, then they dis­tort when they cool down.

This was far more com­mon when the hand­brake was op­er­ated us­ing shoes and drums, but it can still oc­cur with brake discs and means that new rear discs and pads need to be fit­ted.

The signs of brake pads dis­torted by hot discs were ev­i­dent.

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