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As men­tioned above, Toy­ota isn’t re­plac­ing the Aven­sis range fol­low­ing the ces­sa­tion of the model line. In­stead they’re ship­ping back the Camry from a far­away coun­try. Hardly a sub­sti­tute mid-range model. Let’s say you fancy a bit of clas­sic Toy­ota ac­tion in the form of a large petrol saloon, but you only have loose change. You also want an up-to-date name­plate for your in­ter­net fo­rum sta­tus.

Well, for the first time in a long time, I watched a Toy­ota Camry go through an auc­tion. This was an evening sale and the car came di­rect from a Toy­ota main agent. Large petrol sa­loons al­ways tickle my fancy, so I hung around long enough to see if I could af­ford it.

The an­swer was yes and no. This was a 99V model, so the tax was af­ford­able. Sadly, the MOT wasn’t likely to be. The test was due in a few weeks and I could see an ABS light il­lu­mi­nated and hear that the ex­haust had more holes than a packet of Po­los. The hand­brake lever was point­ing sky­wards, too.

The Camry was, clas­si­cally speak­ing, ‘green ’n’ cream’ which is good news on an old Jag, less so on a 1990s Ja­panese car. Bot­tle-green body­work with a grey-cream cloth in­te­rior wasn’t the most aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing combo. My boss de­scribed the car as ‘not nice’ when he saw what I was get­ting giddy over.

The price? Well, it had cov­ered 116,000 miles, had two pre­vi­ous keep­ers and was in less than pre­sentable con­di­tion, so

“I thought I’d of­fer £200 – lit­tle more than scrap value. How wrong can you be?”

I thought I’d of­fer £200 – lit­tle more than scrap value. How wrong can you be? It sold for £350 + fees, mean­ing this Camry stood its new owner over a mon­key be­fore it in­evitably failed its MOT.

In­ci­den­tally, the Bur­nas­ton plant will also be drop­ping the Auris im­mi­nently. But fear not as the re­place­ment for that is called the Corolla (!) and will still come from the East Mid­lands plant. Just re­joice at that news!

The Camry hand­brake lever was point­ing sky­wards!

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