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We tem­po­rar­ily in­stalled a cross-brace above the en­gine bay, as shown in our pho­to­graph (at left), to take the weight of the en­gine and stop it drop­ping when it and the trans­mis­sion assem­bly were de­tached from its mount­ing assem­bly. Be­fore re­mov­ing the bolts hold­ing the gear­box to the en­gine, a trol­ley jack with a strong wood block on top was placed un­der­neath the trans­mis­sion assem­bly. This made the task of re­mov­ing the trans­mis­sion and re-in­stalling it much eas­ier, since the jack could take the weight, and pre­cisely con­trol the height, of the unit. It also helped when align­ing the trans­mis­sion with the en­gine on re­assem­bly, en­sur­ing the bolts hold­ing the two units to­gether could be lined up ex­actly and in­serted in their aper­tures.

TAKE CARE: En­sure that you and any helpers are not sit­u­ated di­rectly be­neath the heavy gear­box at any time, in case it should fall. For this job, there is no need to re­move the anti-roll bar links from the ve­hi­cle. Avoid strain­ing the front flex­i­ble hy­draulic hoses and the ABS ca­bles. Se­cure them out of the way us­ing plain wire, strong string or rope. For safety and ease of work­ing, en­sure that you have an­other per­son avail­able be­fore car­ry­ing out all the re­quired steps, es­pe­cially when re­mov­ing and re­fit­ting the heavy trans­mis­sion assem­bly. When re­plac­ing the trans­mis­sion to this Getz, three of us were in­volved, mak­ing the job quicker, eas­ier and safer. When try­ing to line up the trans­mis­sion with the en­gine, dif­fi­cul­ties may be en­coun­tered if the splines on the gear­box first mo­tion shaft are not fully aligned with those in the clutch driven plate. If you have a spare per­son avail­able, it is help­ful to get them to ro­tate the crank­shaft a lit­tle in each di­rec­tion – us­ing a span­ner to turn the crank­shaft from the pul­ley end – un­til the two sets of splines align cor­rectly. The trans­mis­sion should then slide straight into the right po­si­tion. When fit­ting the bolts that hold the clutch pres­sure plate assem­bly to the fly­wheel, tighten them a lit­tle at a time in di­ag­o­nal se­quence to the spec­i­fied torque set­tings given in Im­por­tant Data. The en­gine in this Getz has no crank­shaft spigot bush or bear­ing. Once all parts are re­fit­ted to the car, don’t for­get to re­fill the trans­mis­sion with fresh oil to the cor­rect spec­i­fi­ca­tion.

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