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I re­cently re­placed the EGR cooler on my Vaux­hall In­signia 2.0 CDTI due to a slight leak of coolant. Now the car is show­ing a ‘Ser­vice Ve­hi­cle Soon’ warn­ing and is down on power. Jubyd Rah­man

Given that the EGR cooler has just been re­placed, I would sus­pect that the most likely cause of the warn­ing and lack of power is that one of the vac­uum pipes has been dis­lodged or frac­tured. The turbo con­trol valve should be mounted on the front panel and I would check the vac­uum pipes be­tween this and the turbo. I would also en­sure that the in­ter­cooler pipes are cor­rectly fit­ted and are not breached. It would also be worth read­ing the ECU for any pend­ing codes that have been recorded when the power loss oc­curs.

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