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The prob­lem car is my 2000 BMW 530i SE au­to­matic. Dur­ing a re­cent ser­vice, the garage said its elec­tronic fault fin­der in­di­cated a faulty elec­tronic ther­mo­stat, which was re­placed. Ever since, the car has been run­ning very rough when cold, al­though it drives nor­mally af­ter about 15 min­utes. It starts OK, but feels as if it is about to stall, al­though it never has. Any thoughts?

Also, can you rec­om­mend a fault reader that would be suit­able for this model and would also fit my wife’s 1998 BMW 323i? WA Camp­bell

It sounds as though the new elec­tronic ther­mo­stat is ei­ther not op­er­at­ing prop­erly or is not con­nected cor­rectly. If the ini­tial prob­lem shown up on the fault fin­der was due to a poor con­nec­tion, this may be the source of the prob­lem. Al­ter­na­tively, the cool­ing sys­tem may not have been cor­rectly bled, leav­ing you with an air­lock within the new ther­mo­stat. As this prob­lem has only de­vel­oped since the new ther­mo­stat was fit­ted, I would re­turn to the garage and ask them to check it for you.

A code reader that should cover both BMWS is the Foxwell NT510, al­though I would dou­ble-check with the com­pany be­fore pur­chas­ing to en­sure this is the case. One of these FCR costs £169 in­clud­ing de­liv­ery and is avail­able from

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