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As our work­shop is on the south coast and many of our cus­tomers live by the sea, we get to see more cor­ro­sion prob­lems than usual. This 2009 Re­nault Mégane had a rough feel to the brakes and the owner was con­cerned that it might be se­ri­ous. Be­cause it was ex­posed to the el­e­ments when parked, cor­ro­sion was blight­ing the rear brakes and caus­ing the rough feel to the brake pedal. A new set of rear discs was re­quired, but with the M´gane this has an ad­di­tional ex­pense.

The hub bear­ing sits di­rectly in the rear brake discs, so reusing the old bear­ings for the new discs is time-con­sum­ing and can be un­suc­cess­ful. The new brake discs can be sup­plied with the bear­ings fit­ted and this is a far bet­ter op­tion. It is more ex­pen­sive than just re­plac­ing the discs, but avoids a large chunk of labour.

The new brake discs come com­plete with bear­ings, push­ing up the cost.

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