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There are four sep­a­rate main com­po­nents in this area. From the in­ner wing and work­ing in­wards to­wards the en­gine they are: the mount­ing as­sem­bly, at­tached to the in­ner wing area, and above this the bridge/strength­ener bar/strut brace; then there’s the in­ter­me­di­ate bracket, linked at its outer end to the mount­ing as­sem­bly on the in­ner wing, and at its in­ner end at­tached to the alu­minium bracket bolted to the en­gine.

Bolts (x2) hold­ing bridge/strength­ener bar/strut brace 20Nm (15lb ft) See Pho­tos 6 & 7

Sin­gle nut hold­ing en­gine mount­ing to in­ter­me­di­ate bracket 45Nm (30lb ft) See Photo 8.

Bolts (x3) hold­ing in­ter­me­di­ate bracket to en­gine bracket 60Nm (44lb ft) See Photo 9.

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