The main steps are as de­tailed in our step-by step guide, but there are some ad­di­tional as­pects to note.

Car Mechanics (UK) - - Timing Belt Clinic Peugeot 206 CC 1.6 -

Be­fore fit­ting the new tim­ing belt, en­sure that the sprocket lock­ing pins/bolts are in place and that your da­tum marks align cor­rectly.

En­sur­ing that the di­rec­tional ar­rows on the new belt are cor­rectly in­di­cat­ing clock­wise en­gine/belt ro­ta­tion when viewed from the right-hand end of the en­gine, start by fit­ting the belt over the crank­shaft sprocket and get an as­sis­tant to hold the lower part of the belt against the sprocket from un­der the car. If work­ing on your own, use a pad of folded cloth to tem­po­rar­ily hold the belt in po­si­tion, as shown in Photo 33. Don’t for­get to re­move the cloth af­ter the belt has been fit­ted and be­fore start­ing the en­gine.

Work­ing from the crank­shaft sprocket up­wards and an­ti­clock­wise, guide the new belt onto the drive sprock­ets/ pul­leys in this se­quence: guide/idler pul­ley, inlet camshaft sprocket, ex­haust camshaft sprocket, wa­ter pump sprocket and ten­sioner as­sem­bly pul­ley, en­sur­ing that the belt is kept taut as you pro­ceed. Pa­tience is def­i­nitely a virtue for this job – ini­tially the new belt will be very tight.

Set the belt ten­sion as de­scribed in our pho­to­graphs/ cap­tions, then ro­tate the en­gine through 360°.

En­sure that the tim­ing pins/bolts can be re-in­serted in their re­spec­tive aper­tures and that your belt sprocket tim­ing marks still align pre­cisely, as at the out­set.

Re­main­ing op­er­a­tions can be car­ried out as per our step-bystep guide, with aux­il­iary com­po­nents be­ing re­fit­ted in the re­verse or­der to that used dur­ing dis­man­tling.

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