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I was fas­ci­nated by your hy­draulic ramps

(Edi­to­rial, Septem­ber 2018) as I didn’t know such a thing ex­isted. I also re­ally liked the wooden ones built by reader Gareth Owen (Your Let­ters, Novem­ber 2018) and I have made some­thing sim­i­lar.

My friend was throw­ing out some 4x4 fence posts that were about two me­tres long. I thought they had po­ten­tial, so took them off his hands. What I did was to cut a slope on each of them, then held the two to­gether side by side us­ing co­pi­ous amounts of wood glue, six-inch nails and a tie plate on each pair. This made them very se­cure in­deed and gave four inches of lift. I thought this was not re­ally enough, so I at­tached a plank to each one to give an ex­tra inch and three-quar­ters. To stop the ve­hi­cle tyres from push­ing the ramps ahead of them while try­ing to mount them, I used six-inch nails ham­mered right through and cut off, which act as lo­cat­ing dow­els for holes drilled in the main ramp. You may no­tice Stix­all ad­he­sive smeared on the slopes to aid trac­tion.

I made the ramps pri­mar­ily for car­ry­ing out rou­tine main­te­nance on my 2005 Honda Ac­cord, in par­tic­u­lar oil changes. The oil fil­ter on this car is on the rear of the en­gine block, fac­ing the bulk­head, and is im­pos­si­ble to ac­cess ex­cept from un­der­neath. Th­ese ramps al­low me to eas­ily squirm un­der the car on my back in or­der to re­move and re­place the fil­ter. I could use my trol­ley jack and axle stands, but driv­ing up on th­ese ramps is so much quicker and eas­ier. Gary Mills

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