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Read­ing the ar­ti­cle on Swar­fega’s skin­care sur­vey (CM In­sider, Novem­ber 2019), I was sur­prised that so many me­chan­ics would not bother with skin pro­tec­tion. As far back as the late 1970s, we were con­stantly re­minded to use bar­rier cream be­fore work­ing in an en­gi­neer­ing work­shop. Th­ese days, I don’t use bar­rier cream, but wear ni­trile gloves in­stead. Your Prod­uct

Test of work gloves in the Au­gust 2018 is­sue prompted me to buy your

Best Buy Unigloves Pro­tect at twice the price of my ex­ist­ing brand. To my amaze­ment, the new gloves would last a whole day – I could go through six pairs of my old brand in the same time.

The Unigloves were so good I could prob­a­bly have washed the pair and used them again the fol­low­ing day! Shabaz Mo­hammed

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