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I own a 2014 Ford Fi­esta Ti­ta­nium X 125 with the 1.0 Eco­boost en­gine. As the car is now four years old, I de­cided to ser­vice it my­self this year. All went well un­til I re­moved the oil fil­ter. As the fil­ter can­is­ter seal parted with the cylin­der block there was a dis­tinct spurt of oil from the joint as if un­der pres­sure, there also seemed to be more oil loss from this than I am used to. The en­gine had been switched off for at least five min­utes. Do you know if there is a sys­tem which main­tains oil pres­sure in this en­gine af­ter it has been shut down?

Mark Daw­son

En­sur­ing the tur­bocharger on the Eco­boost en­gine is fed with oil pres­sure as soon as pos­si­ble is an im­por­tant fea­ture of the de­sign. For this rea­son, the metal can­is­ter fil­ter on your Eco­boost en­gine does con­tain a valve to pre­vent back-flow and drain-down of oil when the en­gine is at rest. The valve also en­sures that the fil­ter is kept full at all times, and if the en­gine had only re­cently been run then the pres­sure would re­main in the sys­tem for a while. This, cou­pled with the fact that the fil­ter would have been full as op­posed to drained down slightly, may have re­sulted in the spurt­ing ef­fect you ex­pe­ri­enced.

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