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Hol­low tubes are fit­ted to ei­ther end of the DPF to trans­mit ex­haust gas pres­sure to an elec­tri­cal pres­sure sen­sor, which tends to be mounted on the bulk­head. Based on the two pres­sure in­puts, a de­gree of DPF block­age is cal­cu­lated and com­mu­ni­cated back to the en­gine ECU. These sen­sors can de­velop faults and it is not un­known for even new re­place­ments not to work prop­erly, or have in­com­pat­i­ble soft­ware. So, prior to con­demn­ing the DPF, check your live di­ag­nos­tics for pres­sure read­ings to see if they are re­al­is­tic and test the sen­sor. This is ex­plained in more de­tail within the Fe­bru­ary 2018 is­sue of CM.

Should you need to re­move the DPF, these pres­sure tubes, as well as a tem­per­a­ture sen­sor, will need to be re­moved. Con­sider also that some DPF clean­ing prod­ucts can be poured di­rectly into the DPF through the pres­sure pipes.

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