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► This 2006 smart car was run­ning well, but the owner had an in­ter­mit­tent prob­lem re­gard­ing the ABS brak­ing sys­tem. This would oc­ca­sion­ally throw up a fault code but, after turn­ing the ignition off and on again, the code would dis­ap­pear for a time. He sus­pected the prob­lem to be the near­side rear ABS sen­sor, as a mate’s di­ag­nos­tic reader had thrown up a code re­lat­ing to this. Un­for­tu­nately, after chang­ing the sen­sor, the prob­lem re­mained.

In­spect­ing the smart car, we dis­cov­ered that he was in the right area, but had the wrong com­po­nent. The prob­lem lay with the re­luc­tor ring, which had cor­roded and be­gun to lose its castel­la­tion. Mercedes-benz will only sup­ply a new shaft, but we did find a com­pany that would sell us the re­luc­tor ring on its own, en­abling us to keep costs at a rea­son­able level.

 ??  ?? The re­luc­tor ring was cor­roded and needed re­plac­ing.
The re­luc­tor ring was cor­roded and needed re­plac­ing.

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