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If you are strug­gling to squeeze a drain tray underneath the ve­hi­cle to drain the en­gine oil, then it may be pos­si­ble to raise it a little at the front, es­pe­cially if the drain plug is at the back of the sump (ie, the oil will still drain out, even if the ve­hi­cle is not level). A pair of shal­low drive-on ramps is one solution. Al­ter­na­tively, rais­ing and sup­port­ing the front of the ve­hi­cle on two axle stands po­si­tioned un­der the front sub­frame or sills (jack­ing points) can also help. After re­fill­ing with fresh oil to just below the rec­om­mended fill ca­pac­ity, check the oil level via the dip­stick (if fit­ted), when the ve­hi­cle is back on level ground. Add more oil as ap­pro­pri­ate.

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