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Clean break

- Nick Smeltzer Cars · Belgium · Austria · Somalia · Hyundai Santa Fe · Argentina · Hyundai · Land Rover Range Rover

It was such a sim­ple job: spring­clean­ing the air in­take, throt­tle body and en­gine of my Range Rover using shop­bought spray-in en­gine cleaner. Step 1: Lo­cate the MAF. Step 2: Re­move the pipework after the MAF to spray in the cleaner. Step 3: Start the en­gine and then rev it up to 1800rpm Step 4: Start spray­ing Step 5: Ac­ci­den­tally let the noz­zle of the spray can get sucked into the air in­take, caus­ing one hell of a noise from the turbo as it screeched and chewed the plas­tic noz­zle into a mil­lion pieces. Step 6: Turn off the en­gine and sit there think­ing: “Bug­ger, that’ll be ex­pen­sive.”

It sur­vived, but I feared im­mi­nent turbo fail­ure at any point, so traded it in for a Hyundai Santa Fe in­stead.

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