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► The Suzuki Swift is a highly-re­garded car on the used mar­ket and, de­spite the fact that early ones are get­ting on a bit, any­thing of­fered for sig­nif­i­cantly less than £1000 will be cheap for a rea­son.

That said, £995 should be enough to get you into a re­spectable 1.3 GL with a de­cent-ish amount of MOT on an 05- or 55-plate, or else a higher-mileage older car. Be­tween £1000 and £2000 there’s masses of choice, but it’s not al­ways the case that the more ex­pen­sive cars in that price bracket are the best. The best ones are the cars with prove­nance, that have clearly been well looked after and are as tidy underneath as they are on top. Later mod­els, from the 09-plate on­wards, still fetch up­wards of

£3000, with a late model GLX cost­ing as much as £4250 from a dealer. Sport mod­els com­mand a pre­mium, but this isn’t mas­sive as they’re more ex­pen­sive to run. The 1.3 diesel at­tracts a higher price tag, too, thanks to its 70mpg fuel econ­omy and £30-per-year road tax, nei­ther of which is worth it as the costs of repair and main­te­nance over a few years will most likely be greater than tax and fuel out­lay on a 1.3 petrol.

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