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►So does the Suzuki Swift make a sen­si­ble used car pur­chase? At the mo­ment, most def­i­nitely. It’s no more ex­pen­sive than main­stream mod­els such as the Ford Fi­esta, Vaux­hall Corsa and VW Polo but, on the whole, it’s far less likely to go wrong, while it is also terrific fun to drive, with lively en­gines and a great chas­sis. If you want a su­per­mini that’s per­fectly at home on mo­tor­ways, has de­cent per­for­mance and great fuel econ­omy, then the Swift is as good a small car as you’ll get, with only the Toy­ota Yaris and some ex­am­ples of the Skoda Fabia of­fer­ing the same lev­els of driver ap­peal and value for money.

Buy­ing one doesn’t come with­out its caveats, though, and while the 1.3- and 1.5-litre petrol mod­els that make up the bulk of the Swifts on the used car mar­ket to­day are likely to be ex­tremely re­li­able me­chan­i­cally, the early ex­am­ples are al­ready demon­strat­ing that ex­tra care will be needed to main­tain the body­work in good or­der over the years to come. Keep on top of that, though, avoid the less-re­li­able diesel mod­els and bud­get for a new gear­box at some point dur­ing a long own­er­ship and the Swift is a tough little car, both to drive and to beat.

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