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Oil amount

- Paul John Craig Iceland · Ford Mondeo · Mercury Mystique

How much oil will I need to change the en­gine oil and fil­ter on a 2007 Ford Mon­deo MKIV 2.5 20-valve straight-five turbo? The Haynes man­ual men­tions the 2.5, but doesn’t say if it is the five-cylin­der or V6 en­gine.

Your Mon­deo with en­gine code HUBA should take 5.8 litres of 5W-30 syn­thetic oil. I did find a slight dis­crep­ancy as Au­to­data and the Ford man­ual say 5.8 litres, but two of the oil com­pa­nies stip­u­late a ca­pac­ity of 6.4 litres. Given this, I would fill it with 5.8 litres, then check the level on the dip­stick and top up if nec­es­sary.

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