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Los­ing power

- Ngoni Gil­bert Zon­goro Jaguar X-Type · Iceland · Somalia · Belgium · Volkswagen Golf Mk4

My 2005 Jaguar X-TYPE 2.0 V6 has 180,000 kilo­me­tres on the clock and has re­cently started los­ing power when driv­ing. This is so bad that it has got to the point where it switches off if I keep on try­ing to ac­cel­er­ate. When I turn it on again, it starts up and gives me a bit of dis­tance be­fore switch­ing off again.

I was ad­vised to change the fuel fil­ter, after which there was a slight improvemen­t be­fore the prob­lem came back again. Now I’ve been told to get a new fuel pump. What do you think?

You have not men­tioned if the en­gine man­age­ment light has been illuminati­ng. If it has, this may help pin­point the prob­lem as it would leave a code in the sys­tem. With the ben­e­fit of a fault code, di­ag­no­sis would be eas­ier.

As there was a slight improvemen­t after re­plac­ing the fuel fil­ter, this sug­gests that the prob­lem may be re­lated to fuel short­age. It would have been in­ter­est­ing to know if the old fil­ter was con­tam­i­nated when it was re­placed, which might in­di­cate a prob­lem with the fuel. Any con­tam­i­na­tion of the fuel could dam­age both the fuel pump and the in­jec­tor sys­tem.

As turn­ing off the en­gine and turn­ing it on again does im­prove matters, this strongly sug­gests the fault is elec­tri­cal, which is be­ing reset after turn­ing off and on again. If this is the case, a fault code should be re­tained in the sys­tem and, if you have ac­cess to a code reader, may help high­light the prob­lem.

Other pos­si­bil­i­ties that could af­fect the power out­put is a prob­lem with the fuel pres­sure reg­u­la­tor, which is vac­uum-op­er­ated on your Jaguar, or that the fuel tank breather sys­tem is blocked or that the evap­o­ra­tive emis­sion (EVAP) can­is­ter purge valve is stuck closed. This would have the re­sult of caus­ing a vac­uum in the fuel tank, which is pre­vent­ing the petrol from be­ing drawn from the fuel tank, re­sult­ing in loss of power and en­gine shut­down.

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