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- Keith Dun­ster Vauxhall Motors · Belgium · Iceland · Austria · Opel Zafira

I’m hop­ing you can help me with a prob­lem con­cern­ing the door lock so­le­noid on the rear pas­sen­ger door on a 2006 Vaux­hall Zafira. The prob­lem is that it won’t lock – you can lock the ve­hi­cle with the key or the re­mote, which locks all the doors but the near­side rear. The strange thing is that when you open the door from ei­ther in­side or out­side, it un­locks the re­main­ing doors.

Think­ing it was a faulty so­le­noid unit, I re­placed it with a se­cond­hand one, which made no dif­fer­ence. How would you go about man­u­ally test­ing the so­le­noid? I have a sec­tion of wiring that came with the se­cond­hand plug, but I don’t know which wires to con­nect. Is it pos­si­ble there’s an­other fault with the ve­hi­cle, or am I just un­lucky to have bought a duff so­le­noid?

Although you may have been un­lucky enough to have bought a faulty so­le­noid, hav­ing ex­actly the same symp­toms would be un­usual. The most likely cul­prit is the con­nect­ing wire be­tween the ve­hi­cle body and the door so­le­noid. As open­ing the door man­u­ally un­locks the other doors via the cen­tral lock­ing sys­tem, it ap­pears that some con­nec­tion be­tween the so­le­noid and con­trol sys­tem is still be­ing main­tained. The sys­tem also has a re­lay for lock­ing and an­other for un­lock­ing, but as the rest of the sys­tem works these can be dis­counted.

Ac­cord­ing to my data, the colours of the wires to the so­le­noid should be white, grey/white, black/green, grey and brown. The brown wire is the earth and I would first check this with a con­ti­nu­ity me­ter on the ve­hi­cle to en­sure it is mak­ing a good con­nec­tion with the ve­hi­cle body. The white wire is fed from the un­lock re­lay and should power the lock to open when live. The grey/white wire is from the lock re­lay and should power the lock to lock. The black/green wire will dead­lock the lock and the grey wire is con­nected to the door ajar sys­tem. By con­nect­ing the brown wire to neg­a­tive and the white wire or the grey/ white wire (not both at the same time) to pos­i­tive, the so­le­noid should op­er­ate.

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