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Fitting LED in­te­rior lights

- San­jay Tonga · Iceland

I am think­ing of fitting LED in­te­rior cour­tesy light bulbs in my 2004 Vaux­hall Corsa C 1.8 SRI in place of the cur­rent halo­gen bulbs. I want to do the same with the boot light. Are Car LED Light Bulb W5W 5X SMD-5050 Can­bus whites suit­able for this? Would they be safe with the plas­tic cover? The bulbs in my car dim au­to­mat­i­cally when the door is shut or the alarm is ac­ti­vated. I am not sure if my car has a Can-bus sys­tem.

If your in­te­rior lights come on when you un­lock the ve­hi­cle and be­fore open­ing the door, then the in­te­rior light sys­tem is con­trolled via the in­tel­li­gent power dis­tri­bu­tion mo­d­ule. As your light dims slowly when the door is closed or the ve­hi­cle locked, this sug­gests you do have the above sys­tem.

After check­ing the data on those bulbs, I do not think that they will be suit­able for your Corsa. They will work when the door is opened, but you may ex­pe­ri­ence prob­lems with them re­main­ing on in a dimmed state when they should be off. This may be rec­ti­fi­able using a re­sis­tor wired into the sys­tem, but I can­not con­firm this.

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