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My 2000 Vec­tra B 1.8 needs new track rods. There is a mark on the bot­tom area of the pin­ion hous­ing that looks like a dou­ble S within a square. Do you know if this is def­i­nitely a Sag­i­naw rack? The to­tal length of this in­ner track rod is 360mm; this would ap­pear to be the length for a ZF steer­ing rack. The other length (al­ter­na­tive part) is 365mm.

I or­dered a track rod from a seller on ebay that came in a Com­line box with part num­ber CTR3112, but the length is 300mm – which is nei­ther a ZF or Sag­i­naw – and the in­ner thread is 18mm di­am­e­ter in­stead of 16mm. I can’t get di­rect com­par­isons be­tween ZF and Sag­i­naw di­men­sions. Have you come across this dif­fi­culty in get­ting the cor­rect track rod?

Geoff Martin

This is not a prob­lem I have come across, but I am aware that man­u­fac­tur­ers can use a va­ri­ety of parts sup­pli­ers, which can make sourc­ing re­place­ment com­po­nents very dif­fi­cult. It does sound as though your rack is a Sag­i­naw, the trade mark is a tre­ble S within a square, which does look like a dou­ble S when em­bossed into the rack. The ZF steer­ing rack fea­tures the large ZF logo.

Ac­cord­ing to the data I have, both ZF and Sag­i­naw racks have the same di­men­sions for the track rod thread; the di­men­sions listed for the thread are M14 x 1.5. The First Line part num­ber for the ZF left-hand and right-hand rod is FTR4603, and the part num­ber for the Sag­i­naw rack is FTR4747.

The CTR3112 part num­ber you have listed is iden­ti­fied as a tie rod axle joint on the Com­line parts list; the di­men­sions given are thread M14 x 1.5 and length 279mm. The al­ter­na­tive tie rod part num­ber is CTR3037, and the thread given for this part is M16 x 1.5mm, with no length spec­i­fied.

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