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I took my 2007 Audi A6 to a Audi spe­cial­ist for its MOT. They rang to say the head­lights needed ad­just­ing, so I gave the go-ahead. On pick­ing up the car, I no­ticed a gap be­tween both head­lights and the wings in the top cor­ner. The me­chanic said I had only no­ticed the gap be­cause I had work done on the car and that they were all like that.

I can­not say I looked closely at the head­lights prior to this, but I’m pretty sure I would have no­ticed the gaps. I can’t find a sim­i­lar model for com­par­i­son, but did find an A3 and A4 with small gaps be­tween the lights and body­work, although nothing as ob­vi­ous as mine.

Have you come across this prob­lem be­fore with Audis? Is the garage is cor­rect? If not, I was think­ing of tak­ing off the front bumper to try and get a bet­ter fit – do you know of any tricks of the trade that might be use­ful?

Dave Spinks

The ad­just­ment of the head­lamps should not have made any dif­fer­ence to the outer body of the lamp, as the beam ad­just­ment is done in­ter­nally. Pro­vided the head­lamp is firm and the mount­ings are not broken, there should not be such a sig­nif­i­cant gap. The gap to the wing side of the head­lamp should be 2mm, the gap to the grill side 2.3mm and the gap at the base 1.3mm.

It may be pos­si­ble to ad­just the body of the lamp slightly to line it up with the wing by loos­en­ing the fix­ing brack­ets and slightly mov­ing the head­lamp fix­ings. The head­lamps are se­cured to the body with three screws. The fix­ings into which they are fit­ted are ad­justable. The job will re­quire the bumper cover to be re­moved to en­able ac­cess to the fix­ings and, once ad­justed, the head­lamp align­ment will need to be reset.

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 ??  ?? Pic­tures show­ing Dave's Audi head­lamp po­si­tion.
Pic­tures show­ing Dave's Audi head­lamp po­si­tion.
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