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Re­plac­ing hand­brake pads

- Gino Tina Tonga · Iceland

Could you tell me how to change the elec­tronic park­ing brake pads on a 2016 VW Pas­sat?

Be­fore start­ing, en­sure there is suf­fi­cient space in the brake fluid reser­voir for the re­turn­ing fluid and, if not, syphon off a small amount of fluid. The park­ing brake mech­a­nism should be switched off and, after de­tach­ing the rear brake caliper from the car­rier, the pis­ton should be pushed back in using tool num­ber T10145; note that this reset tool pushes the pis­ton in and does not wind it in. The new brake pads can then be fit­ted and the caliper re­placed, tight­en­ing the bolts to 35Nm. The brakes should then be reset using the di­ag­nos­tic equip­ment.

 ??  ?? The brake pis­ton reset tool.
The brake pis­ton reset tool.
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