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Tim­ing chain re­newal in­ter­val

- W Mclean Skoda Auto · Iceland · Tonga · Belgium · Škoda Octavia

I am the sec­ond owner of a 2010 Skoda Oc­tavia 1.2 es­tate with en­gine code CBZB. The ser­vice book shows no record of a tim­ing chain re­newal, but as the mileage is 144,000, I feel a change is re­quired. The Haynes man­ual does not spec­ify when a re­place­ment is due.

There is no rec­om­mended in­ter­val for the tim­ing chain re­newal. Un­like a tim­ing belt, the chain should last with­out main­te­nance be­ing re­quired. How­ever, there was a work­shop cam­paign with ref­er­ence to the 1.2 TSI en­gine; this was car­ried out after a cus­tomer com­plained of tim­ing chain rat­tle. The cam­paign in­volved fitting a new chain and ten­sioner and, once com­pleted, the ve­hi­cle had a cam­paign sticker marked ‘15D9 and date’ at­tached to the spare wheel holder, close to the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion sticker.

If the en­gine is run­ning smoothly and there’s no sign of a tim­ing chain rat­tle, I would not be con­cerned. If you can hear a rat­tle, I would re­place the tim­ing chain and ten­sioner as a pre­cau­tion­ary mea­sure.

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