Car Mechanics (UK) : 2019-10-01

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Diagnostic­s Doctor ATS Air Temperatur­e Sensor AFM Air-flow Meter – not a MAF type (see below). It could be, for example, a vane type CAS Crank Angle Sensor CPS Crank Position Sensor CTS Coolant Temperatur­e Sensor ECT Engine Coolant Temperatur­e ECU Electronic Control Unit EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculat­ion – meters exhaust gas back to the intake manifold EML Engine Management Light EMS Engine Management System EPC Electronic Power Control FCR Fault Code Reader HT High Tension – ignition output to the spark plugs IAV Idle Air Valve ISCV Idle Speed Control Valve – usually operated by a motor controlled by the ECU LOS Limited Operating Strategy – if the ECU detects a malfunctio­n, it runs a programme to allow the car to still go, but at reduced efficiency MAF Mass Air-flow meter MAP Manifold Air Pressure MIL Malfunctio­n Indicator Lamp PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilatio­n – takes crankcase gases and recycles back to the inlet system TBPS Turbo Boost Pressure Sensor – used by the ECU to regulate turbo output TPS Throttle Position Sensor VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor WOT Wide Open Throttle October 2019Car Mechanics 83 www.greatmagaz­­cs