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My brother-in-law had a sil­ver ox­ide bat­tery fit­ted to his 2005 Ford Fo­cus diesel es­tate a few months ago. As he does not use the car very of­ten, I wanted to con­nect my CTEK charger to the bat­tery, but my charger is for the lead-acid type, so would it be okay to use? The con­nec­tions on the bat­tery com­pletely cover the ter­mi­nals, so if my charger is okay to use I would need to con­nect it to the ve­hi­cle’s con­nec­tors. Will this work?

Also, if I re­move the con­nec­tors and leads from the bat­tery, is there any engine man­age­ment that needs to be re­set after dis­con­nect­ing and re­con­nect­ing the bat­tery? Would a Draper 9V Mem­ory Saver be of use on this ve­hi­cle? Also, would the mem­ory saver be safe to use on a 2011 Suzuki Alto and 2015 Cele­rio?

Ernie Law­son

You have not men­tioned which model of CTEK charger you have, but all CTEK charg­ers are smart charg­ers and de­signed to ad­just to the re­quired bat­tery tech­nol­ogy. While there is a range of CTEK charg­ers tai­lored to more spe­cific needs, you should be able to charge the Fo­cus bat­tery with­out worry. Con­nect­ing to the ter­mi­nals of the bat­tery will charge it suf­fi­ciently and the CTEK charg­ers are de­signed to en­able the ve­hi­cle’s bat­tery to be

charged with­out dis­con­nect­ing it.

If you did want to dis­con­nect the bat­tery, you'd need to re­set the ra­dio code be­cause the pa­ram­e­ters will be lost from the ECU, al­though th­ese will be re­learned after a nor­mal driv­ing cy­cle. After re­con­nect­ing the bat­tery, when first start­ing up, the engine should be al­lowed to idle for three min­utes be­fore rais­ing the engine revs to 1200rpm for a fur­ther two min­utes. The ve­hi­cle should then be driven for five miles.

If the ve­hi­cle has elec­tri­cally op­er­ated win­dows, the au­to­matic func­tion on th­ese may also need to be re­set. This is done by fully clos­ing the win­dow, re­leas­ing the switch, then plac­ing the switch in the ‘up’ po­si­tion for a fur­ther sec­ond. Then open the win­dow, re­lease the switch and op­er­ate it again in the ‘down’ po­si­tion for a fur­ther sec­ond.

The Draper Mem­ory Saver should be safe to use with all the ve­hi­cles you have men­tioned.

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