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Q The dipped beam head­lamps on my 53-plate Jaguar S-TYPE 3.0 are turn­ing them­selves off and on again in­ter­mit­tently. Turn­ing the lights off and on again clears the prob­lem tem­po­rar­ily. Re­cently, the side-lights have started suf­fer­ing from the same prob­lem. I can’t vouch for the main beam set­ting as I’ve never had it on af­ter this prob­lem arose. I’ve lis­tened for any chat­ter­ing re­lays, but can hear noth­ing. As I’m sure you’re aware, the dipped beam and the main beam on the S-TYPE are two sep­a­rate units. Stephen Hayes

A You don’t say if the prob­lem is oc­cur­ring with the light switch set to the au­to­matic po­si­tion or in the over­ride con­trol po­si­tions of off, side and head­lamps. If the switch is nor­mally left in the au­to­matic po­si­tion, this may be the prob­lem, which is also sup­ported by the fact that switch­ing the lights off and on again nor­mally rec­ti­fies the fault.

An­other pos­si­bil­ity is that the wiring in­side the dip/main beam stalk on the steer­ing col­umn has failed. This is some­thing I have come across. Usu­ally, one of the wires in the stalk frac­tures and will make and break the cir­cuit at ran­dom. The op­er­a­tion of the stalk would need check­ing us­ing a con­ti­nu­ity me­ter to con­firm that this is the prob­lem.

The third area to check is the wiring loom which runs across the front of the ve­hi­cle. In­spect the earth con­nec­tions to the cross­mem­ber and also the con­di­tion of the wiring loom. Cor­ro­sion here can cause prob­lems within the light­ing cir­cuit.

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