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Hunting at tickover



I have a 2008 Peugeot Boxer Autosleepe­r 2.2 D with 60,000 miles. The engine is hunting quite badly at tickover, to the extent that it has thrown-up the engine management light when it stalled. While I expect this to reset itself in the fullness of time, I have had a look round for perished hoses, etc, and the oil and air filters are both good.

Online forums are not a lot of help and they

are full of conspiracy theories and comments going off at a tangent! The last time I took the Boxer to my local garage, they had difficulty linking it to a diagnostic computer after they had fitted an EGR restrictor plate.

I downloaded an e-manual, but it was not specific to my model.

Dave Jones


The prime suspect is an air leak in the induction or control systems. Very often such leaks can be very minor and difficult to locate, so a thorough and methodical search along the hoses would be my first recommenda­tion.

You do not mention why the garage fitted the EGR restrictor plate and it’s possible the fault may be linked to this. As you have a 2008 vehicle, it should be fully compliant with any EOBD reader, so if communicat­ion is an issue then it may indicate an ECU problem. A code reader such as the Foxwell NT301 will cover the basic engine functions and read-off live data; this unit is available for £75 from this website:

You should use the reader when the engine management light is illuminate­d. Retrieving the fault code that activated the light will help immensely in diagnosing the cause of the hunting.

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