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QMy dad has a 2003 Peugeot 206 2.0 HDI and, over the past few months, it has randomly cut-out when driving and coming to a complete stop. If you try to restart immediatel­y it will not fire, but if you wait for about one minute it will restart and can be fine for days. The car has been returning an intermitte­nt fault code: ‘Diesel high pressure monitoring function/ lack of pressure (leak)’.

When it first started happening, I changed the fuel filter and a mechanic tried wiggling off the connector to the fuel pressure sensor on the fuel rail, but couldn’t manage to get it off completely. I also had a quick look at the connector for the fuel lift pump at the top of the tank. After this fiddling, the car was OK for about a month, then it started cutting out again. This time, I did a proper job of cleaning the two connectors that we had previously fiddled with by using Würth contact cleaners. After this, the car was again fine for about one month, but the problem has since reoccurred.

I suspect the culprit is either the fuel pump relay, fuel lift pump or fuel rail pressure sensor. I have a Citroën Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDI that I can use for parts if they are interchang­eable, but can you please tell me where to find the relay?

Dean Savage

AIf your dad’s Peugeot is fitted with a fuel pump relay, this will be located beneath the

ECU on the offside of the engine bay. It can be found below the metal plate onto which the ECU is secured and be coloured brown with a red fixing to the connecting plug. However, your vehicle is on the changeover period and may not have a relay – instead, the fuel pump is controlled by the ECU or built into the pump itself; in this case, the Citroën components will not be compatible.

I would also check fuses number two (15amp) and number twenty-five (10amp) in the under bonnet fusebox. The connection­s on these fuses are known to corrode. As you have already replaced the fuel filter, I would recommend removing this and checking for any tiny metal particles; having been recently replaced, the filter should be clean, so small metal particles would indicate problems with the high-pressure fuel pump. Also, given you issues with the connector on the fuel pressure sender, this would be worth rechecking. The sensors themselves give very little problems, but if the connection is faulty then this could be a concern.

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