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Why does it look like this?

Citroën’s stick­ing with the proper MPV for­mula but do­ing it its own way – styling is green­houseon-wheels meets Blade Run­ner. Top-spec Flair has swish tur­bine al­loys, sweep­ing sun­roof and enough chrome bits at­tached to ri­val an Xz­ibit-’id­dled lowrider.

What pow­ers this fam­ily ferry?

Diesel shove cour­tesy of the same en­gine fam­ily as the 5008, al­beit less pow­er­ful here so progress is slug­gish. Unit gar­gles a lit­tle more than its PSA cousin, pos­si­bly due to the echo cham­ber you sit in, but the gear­box makes swift work of keep­ing it sch­tum on the move.

Re­sign my­self to driv­ing bore­dom?

Wool­lier than your nan’s tea cosy, but then Citroën ig­nores sporti­ness by de­sign. Built for long mo­tor­way cruises on those big fam­ily trips with its vague steer­ing, ’loaty ride, spongey seats and mats full of crushed wine gums.

In a word, Citroën; strik­ing, com­mend­ably un-sporty

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