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> Re­plac­ing cam­chains and ten­sion­ers (as early as 80k) costs £650-£750 for Honda parts and labour. If the en­gine sounds ‘tap­pety’, it’s time to ad­just the valve clear­ances. Not a big job.

> If the car revs on its own,

or feels like it’ll stall, clean

the idle con­trol valve.

> Sec­ond- and third-gear syn­chros fail irst. Check you can change freely into them from cold.

> In­de­pen­dents such as TDI North charge £139 for a 12 month/12,500-mile ser­vice, £329 for 24m/25k and £485 for the 48m/50k ser­vice. Spark plugs are best changed ev­ery 50k, not the sug­gested 75k. A good Pre­mium Edi­tion (Momo steer­ing wheel, Type R-logo’d calipers) can top £6k.

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