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Any­one can re­store an old Porsche, but only Porsche can build a new one, and to cel­e­brate the com­pany’s 70th birth­day, Porsche Clas­sic cre­ated Project Gold, a brand new, one-o

993 Turbo built 20 years after pro­duc­tion ended.

‘The start­ing point was a new bodyshell left over from 993 pro­duc­tion,’ ex­plains Alexan­der Fabig, head of Porsche Clas­sic, the com­pany arm that deals with parts and restora­tion for pre-997 cars.

‘We’d seen what our col­leagues at Porsche Ex­clu­sive had done with the 991 Turbo S Ex­clu­sive and we won­dered how a car like the 991 Turbo Ex­clu­sive would have looked if Porsche had built one back in 1995,’ he says.

Seven of Porsche Clas­sic’s tiny 14-man crew spent 18 months work­ing on Gold. ModiŒica­tions to the stan­dard Turbo body in­cluded recre­at­ing the rear wing vents found on Turbo S cars and Œin­ish­ing it in Golden Yel­low. The in­te­rior is trimmed in black leather with gold stitch­ing, while the light­est in­ter­nal com­po­nents are se­lected for the S-spec 3.6-litre Œlat six, mean­ing it most likely pro­duces more than the quoted 444bhp.

‘When we re­store a cus­tomer car we spend around 1500“2000 hours re­build­ing it to fac­tory orig­i­nal speciŒica­tion,’ ex­plains Fabig. ‘But with Project Gold there were prob­a­bly an ad­di­tional 1000 hours spent on the fea­tures that make it di er­ent.’

But couldn’t it have been more di er­ent? Com­par­isons with Singer’s wilder cre­ations are in­evitable and some are bound to Œind Project Gold a lit­tle meek.

‘We have huge re­spect for the other com­pa­nies out there,’ Fabig ad­mits. ‘We dis­cussed mak­ing more modiŒica­tions to bring in more mod­ern com­po­nents, like a newer en­gine or more car­bonŒibre, but we de­cided not to do that. We wanted it to feel au­then­tic and what we have done bet­ter reŒlects what we do at Porsche Clas­sic.’

On the sur­face this is sim­ply a fun 70th an­niver­sary present to it­self, a show­case of what Porsche Clas­sic can do and a re­minder of how ex­ten­sive its range of avail­able parts is. But it’s also Porsche reach­ing out to com­fort and re­as­sure hard­core fans as it pre­pares to launch the elec­tric Tay­can and make an­other giant leap away from its air-cooled past.

Project Gold will be auc­tioned at RM Sotheby’s Porsche 70th An­niver­sary Sale at the Porsche Ex­pe­ri­ence Cen­tre in At­lanta in Oc­to­ber. Pro­ceeds go to the youth­fo­cused Ferry Porsche Foun­da­tion.

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