Leaf’s on the line: tra„ic chaos!

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BANG! Argh! Rum­ble, rum­ble, rum­ble.

I’m not good at de­scrib­ing mo­ments with ono­matopoeia, but that’s pretty much what went down as I was merg­ing onto a Peter­bor­ough ring road at about 60mph when my Leaf’s front right wheel met with a stray block of wood about the length and height of a rail­way sleeper in the mid­dle of a dual car­riage­way, at rush hour.

It was a mas­sive haz­ard, and one that I hadn’t spot­ted un­til it was too late as I watched for tra¤ic be­hind me while merg­ing. I coasted the Leaf to a halt after hit­ting it, mounted the kerb to avoid adding to the haz­ards, and climbed out. Be­fore I could even reach for my phone, a po­lice car had swooped in to close the road, but three cars had col­lided into each other try­ing to avoid the ob­sta­cle be­fore it ar­rived. No in­juries there, but I still counted my­self lucky I came away from it only with a blown tyre. We were all guided to a nearby layby to await re­cov­ery.

As­sis­tance ar­rived two hours later and I was towed to Smiths Mo­tor Group Nis­san in Peter­bor­ough. Nis­san UK claimed the tyre on the Leaf’s in­sur­ance (as Cam­bridgeshire Po­lice pro­vided an in­ci­dent num­ber, prov­ing it wasn’t my fault) and three hours later the Leaf was re­turned sparkling clean, charged and ¦it­ted with a new tyre, like it never hap­pened.

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