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> VIA EMAIL With all my mo­tor­ing heart I hope that Ge­org Kacher’s ar­ti­cle, Alfa’s Next Chap­ter, in your Au­gust 2018 edi­tion is not just an­other piece based on hope, emo­tion and fan­ci­ful sales pre­dic­tions – just like the pre­vi­ous Alfa re­nais­sance ar­ti­cle from a few years back, and the one be­fore that, and the one be­fore that and... You get the pic­ture.

Just to have names such nd as Alfa Romeo, Gi­u­lia, Gi­uli­etta, Ve­loce and, if I could only get my tongue around it, Quadri­foglio (for now I shall stick to Clover­leaf), with the im­ages of Ital­ian style and la dolce vita they con­jure up, is a bless­ing in a UK car land­scape lit­tered with names such as As­tra, Fo­cus, Es­cort, Tran­sit etc that are more ‘Doris from the chip shop’ than Mon­ica Bel­lucci.

How­ever, within a few days of read­ing the ar­ti­cle I then read of the death of Ser­gio Mar­chionne and won­dered whether it isn’t a sign of what the likely fu­ture is for Alfa Romeo. So Ge­org, I sus­pect you will be ˜il­ing an­other Alfa re­nais­sance ar­ti­cle in a few years’ time full of the same hope, emo­tion and fan­ci­ful sales ˜ig­ures. Shall we say

Au­gust 2021?

David Cowx

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