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MONTH 4 By Mark Wal­ton

THE M5 Dis­play Key is 6cm wide, 10cm long and 2cm thick – nearly as big as a mo­bile phone, and al­most as heavy. The touch­screen al­lows you to lock doors and check the fuel range from your house (as­sum­ing you’re in range). It came as part of a £1195 Com­fort Pack­age, but you can buy it as an in­di­vid­ual ex­tra for £235. I’d rather have a key as slen­der as a credit card – and surely the great­est lux­ury in mod­ern life is to be un­en­cum­bered by stu– that needs recharg­ing?


Price £89,705 As tested £102,825 En­gine 4395cc twin-turbo V8, 591bhp @ 5600rpm, 553lb ft @ 1800rpm Trans­mis­sion 8-speed auto, switch­able four/rear-wheel drive Per­for­mance 3.4 sec 0¡62mph, 155mph (lim­ited), 241g/km CO2

Miles this month 958 To­tal 6758 Our mpg 21.9

O€icial mpg 26.9 Fuel this month £259 Ex­tra costs None

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