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USS En­ter­prise or Soviet gu­lag in­side?

A sim­ple de­sign adorned with classy touches like dark wood ve­neer, but it’s a lit­tle soul­less in here. IMAX-like in­fo­tain­ment screen is crisp and re­spon­sive, and al­can­tara seats sup­port­ive. Boasts trade­mark Skoda brol­lies.

More cub­bies than a hiker’s back­pack?

Bot­tles in­trude on your ra­tio-swap­ping. Cen­tre con­sole gets a re­mov­able cupholder tray and ad­justable arm­rest. Dou­ble glove­box re­ally use­ful, as are un­der-seat draw­ers and use­fully-sized door bins. Ours even had a bag-lined bin for rub­bish – stuœ of dreams.

Can I ac­tu­ally ‘it adults in the third row?

Short jour­neys only, mainly due to their knees be­ing at chest height. Mid­dle row slides 60:40 and folds eas­ily, with sec­ond-row legroom still good with the bench slid all the way for­ward. Par­cel shelf can be stowed un­der the •loor.


Strait-laced but best to drive, well-equipped and prop­erly prac­ti­cal.

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