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USS En­ter­prise or Soviet gu­lag in­side?

Big­gest at­ten­tion grab­ber is the vast screen, op­er­ated by steer­ing wheel con­trols, which eases some pres­sure on a na’ in­fo­tain­ment panel. Huge glasshouse makes for im­pres­sive vis­i­bil­ity, ex­panded by the roll-back sun vi­sors.

More cub­bies than a hiker’s back­pack?

Star of the show is the re­mov­able cen­tre con­sole: keep it for the mas­sive stor­age bin; take it out to slide long items through the mid­dle with­out ob­struc­tion. Un­der-seat draw­ers, a fold-out cubby un­der the cen­tre con­sole and big door pock­ets help, but glove­box sav­aged by fuse box.

Can adults ac­tu­ally ‘it in the third row?

Mid­dle row slides far enough for­ward for them to ‰it but they won’t be comfy. In­di­vid­u­ally tilt­ing and slid­ing seats re­quire strength and pa­tience, and the sun­roof cuts head­room. Tray ta­bles handy for your sprogs on long trips.


Still an MPV trail­blazer but an ab­so­lute stodge-fest from be­hind the wheel.

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