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Re­cently I had a punc­ture 39 miles from home in my Jaguar F-Type. Big tear in the side wall, tried the tyre foam and wasted 10 min­utes. Then I used my phone to find a lo­cal garage; sorry , no chance of find­ing 295/30R20 at 12 noon on a Satur­day. One hour later I was on a re­cov­ery truck head­ing home. Changed cars and started again. Got to the week­end break four hours late, and I still had the tyre to sort out on Mon­day.

It made me think of those ‘as tested’ prices you pub­lish. So much money – £15k of ex­tras on a Golf R! £75k of ex­tras on an Aston Mar­tin! But noth­ing as use­ful as a tyre. Se­ri­ously, how much for a spare wheel, wheel brace and a jack? Now man­u­fac­tur­ers are giv­ing us voice con­trol. Is this so we can shout at their cars when they let us down badly?

Paul Alexan­der


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