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When will peo­ple start to talk of the Adrian van Hooy­donk ‘de­sign’ era at BMW be­ing worse than the Ban­gle one? First the ugly, over-de­signed 8-se­ries, then the hideous Z4 with over­hangs front and rear need­ing men with red lags as they pos­si­bly travel in dišer­ent time zones to the car and now this travesty with kid­neys out front re­sem­bling beaver teeth. Aw­ful.

Jo­hann van Rens­burg

I guess the de­sign­ers need to ex­press their creative ideas .... let’s hope this never sees the light of day in re­al­ity.

Ian Wal­ters

I kind of like it. It’s not ’50s beau­ti­ful, but at least it’s bro­ken away a bit from to­day’s com­pletely soul­less and unin­spired car de­signs, and ac­tu­ally done some­thing a bit dišer­ent.

Dirk Sch­mid

Pret­tier than the Bent­ley, tick! (Just)


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