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Your BMW 530i/530d/530e test in the Septem­ber is­sue helped an­swer a ques­tion I have been won­der­ing about for ages: which gives best real-world econ­omy? I am a com­pany car driver, and my com­pany’s new rules have prompted most of my col­leagues to take the PHEV route. My view, how­ever, is that the PHEV fig­ures are a sham be­cause they don’t take into ac­count the mpg and CO2 pro­duced when the car is not charged at the mains. Your third leg showed the PHEV to have the worst mpg when not charged and I would bet the PHEV also has the high­est real-world CO2 emis­sions (down to the ex­tra weight of the bat­tery etc). Si­mon Greig

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