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Open and shut, open and shut, a man in a grey lab coat re­peat­edly tests the ac­tion of the 508’s door. This is the qual­ity mea­sure­ment bunker, where the scrutiny is as foren­sic as at a crime scene.

Xavier ex­am­ines the door’s ap­pear­ance and scratch re­sis­tance, the con­sis­tency of panel gaps, the trim, even the noise it makes. He car­ries wooden gauges to as­sess panel gaps, and a trans­par­ent grid to lay over de­fects to mea­sure their size. Im­per­fec­tions are logged in a database, be­fore he moves onto other ar­eas. Check­ing an en­tire car takes up to three days: Xavier clearly has the pa­tience of a saint.

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